Radio Free Dystopia.
Eclectic for the people, since 1999.

Wub-Fur is an internet radio station.

On 15 May 2016 we retired our live Shoutcast stream after 17 years online, but you can still find many of your favorite Wub-Fur playlists right here and we'll be adding new mixes frequently.

All our playlists are programmed by human beings and feature our patent-pending mix of the latest punk gunk, garage rock, psych, indie rock, lo-fi, noise pop, post-punk, proto-punk, pop-punk, hardcore, power pop, and stoner rock (along with occasional forays into Americana, alt country, freak folk, electronica, glo-fi, chillwave, underground hip hop, trip hop, tech hop, dubstep, dancehall, intelligent dance music, stupid dance music, and/or whatever else we feel like playing).