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Even if you’ve never played Knifey-Spoony or slipped an extra shrimp on the barbie, these 24 21st century punk rock anthems from everyone’s favorite antipodean island continent will surely raise your pogo fever to go-go levels. Featuring Amyl and the Sniffers, Drunk Mums, the Living Eyes, and 21 more of Australia’s finest purveyors of punk.

N.B. We are aware that our cover image is based on the packaging of the similar British product Marmite, rather than OZ’s preferred yeast extract brand Vegemite. As Americans we remain steadfastly neutral in the roiling international controversy over which of our allies’ disgusting brown spreads is the superior sort of goo, but we do prefer the bottle shape and label design of the former and chose it as our “cover model” on that basis.

24 tracks
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