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i don't wanna say goodbye


but i have to.

Wu Yifan is my bias and I love him.
I'm hurt for him, but I'm equally hurt for the another eleven wonderful boys that are now putting with everything, shedding tears, blood and sweat just to put a smile in our faces and reminding us everyday that yes, we are one, and the world keeps going and exo is going to move on.

Because in the end, we are one. EXO, let's love.

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this is so perfect...
his new song, time boils the rain, have you heard it? its so perfect and his voice is so soothing and angelic. I hate sm for hiding something so beautiful

@wavingflags thank you! and yes i have listen to it. I know, it's perfect and I can't believe sm didn't give him the chance to show his talent.