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Wherever You Are


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I wish I could help, somehow. Hold her tightly in my arms, let her cry until her eyes were red, and then kiss her to sleep. Grip her tight, and fly away, where only we could reach the twilight kissed skies of the evening. Stay forever, like friends, like lovers in the milky moonlit stars.

Her breath quickened.

The sun flickered outside, as did my thoughts. All I could do, is touch her, and hope that one day she would be happy.

  • 追想 by 大島ミチル
  • Sakura Biyori by Bleach
  • Ichiban no Takaramono [Original Version] by Angel Beats OST
  • Promise by Steins;Gate OST
  • unjust life by ANANT-GARDE EYES
  • 21 Lost my pieces by Life A-Beat01
  • You by dai
  • Ano Natsu He Music Box Version by Prussian Prussia
  • music box by Secret base
9 tracks
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