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High School Musical 2

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Track List: 1. What Time Is It // Wildcats 2. Fabulous // Sharpay Evans 3. Work This Out // Wildcats 4. You Are The Music In Me // Troy and Gabriella 5. I Don't Dance // Chad and Ryan 6. You Are The Music In Me // Sharpay and Troy 7. Humuhumunukuapua'a // Sharpay and Ryan 8. Gotta Go My Own Way // Gabriella Montez 9. Bet On It // Troy Bolton 10. Everyday // Gabriella and Troy 11. All For One // Wildcats

I got the songs off of YouTube and when I uploaded them onto 8tracks I put the artist names as different names on each one and it works

How did you manage to get a bunch of songs from the same album onto one playlist? I've been trying to do something like this but 8tracks keeps telling me I can't.