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Post-punk versions


some great pieces turned into post punk versions of Lee dorsey, The Kinks and Berry Gordy Jr. between others.

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Ach so!, es jetzt in der mix =) Ich fügte hinzu, drei Stücke mehr von Joy Division, Monkees und Stevie Wonder versionen, danke schön für deinen posten =)

hallo or hi there ;)
and sorry to write in german but I thought you were a german because you have so many ndw-songs in your mixes. so you're spanish from madrid? but understand german? sprichst du deutsch? what gives you that idea to add these german ndw-songs or how do you know then that many ndw songs? have you lived at that time in germany? and because the songs are a bit older so, how old are you?
I then heard in the eighties many ndw and german punk songs. today, I hear a lot of electro, house and still old new wave.
in my mix "French Kiss - Dictionnaire Français Allemand de Micha" you'll find still my favorite songs-ndw namely ti-tho - traumtänzer, ti-tho - elefantenjäger, große freiheit - espresso machine, große freiheit - das lied from mädel. do you know them?
another great cover which would fit perfect in your cover-song-mix is "this is a man's world" of the residents, first release 1984 and a cover of james brown.

Hallo Micha: D
Klar, kein Problem, obwohl ich spanischsprachigen bin, ist gut für mich meine rostigen Deutsch üben.
Vor ein paar Jahren, wenn ich Ihre Sprache gelernt und ich um dort öfter verwendet reisen zu, war ich sehr neugierig auf die Musik der 80er Jahre, NDW, Post-Punk, New Wave, besonders vor allem in den frühen 80er Jahren (als ich kind war) kennen und finde es immer noch war eine große Entdeckung für mich, diese Musik zu finden, ich liebe es!.Aber kurz gesagt, es war ein bisschen der Deutschen Kultur und Leidenschaft für die Musik führte mich, diese Stücke zu finden. =)
Ich kenne nicht diesen Bands, die du sagst, aber ich werde deinen Mixes zu hören und entdecken immer neuen stücke, und immer noch sind alle Vorschläge willkommen.
Danke für deine Hilfe an diesen mix verbessert =)

here it is:


the title is made of the name of a 80s disco in berlin called big eden

hope you like it. if you like visit me on facebook or myspace.

do you have some spanish songs like medio mutante another land???


micha ;)

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Micha!!!!

It's a great mix!

"Medio Mutante" it's a completely new band for me, sounds really good, i didn't hear them before, and they are from Spain! incredible =)
Well, here its known the 80's as The Madrilenian scene, with bands like Alaska y los pegamoides, Alaska y Dinarama or Mecano, with female voices, and also some other bands like Radio Futura, La Unión, Los secretos but i don't consider them similar to Medio Mutante, no,no, no, this last one its better ;-)
I wonder this situation...how can music travel around the world through internet and from some other ways, to get back in the country where they were born after years..
I have something of Mecano, I'll put something in "all about ladies" mix, i have to look for my old cd's ..


hi xime (crazy name!)

i watched some youtube-videos of alaska y los pegamoides, alaska y dinarama, radio futura, la unión, los secretos, mecano, but yes i agree, all are very poppy new wave except of alaska which i like most.

the only spanish or basque record i have is of the basque crossover group negu gorriak. i also like the spanish bubblegum punk band pantones


and of course liaisons dangereuses and as you know for sure gabi delgado lopez of d.a.f. is spanish too.

aside from these bands i don't know any spanish bands.

i like ibiza and barcelona but never visited madrid but my twin-brother did. you can see him in my book


i discovered medio mutante is an american group, i thought they are spanish because of the female singer mariana saldaña.


you'll find some cold wave songs more or less in all my mixes like

vitalic - my friend dario (dima prefers newbeat mix)


and a lot in


and when i'm spinning records on parties. worse luck - not in madrid. until now ;)

in my neue deutsche welle mix for you i've forgotten the 39 clocks of hannover (where i was born) especially my favorite 39 clocks' song a look into you.

i saw them live on the german punk festival no fun in hannover 1980. their set was incredible.




oh yes you're right, Alaska is the best of those artists, actually, with a taste of humor you can see her on a reality show in MTV Spain, check the link =D
Well, i'm discovering new bands in your mixes and remembering bands like die ärtze or Mia and some others which i listened before, Ti-tho sounds very similar to neonbabies, nice =) i remember also zwei raum wohnung but they are more pop i think so; anyway, although i use to listen moreless rock bands , i love this 80's sounds mixes,which i consider them a kind of delicatessen for me =D
live concerts are a great experience, lately i enjoy better the closer ones than the bigger ones, because the sound and also feels more closer to the artists don't you think? In Madrid, we don't have good hall of concerts prepared for big concerts and parties but there are the outer places specially in Summer ;-)