27 comments on spent way too much time gaming by xillia

i love this playlist!i loved it the moment I saw floaroma town theme music from diamond and pearl!thanku so much for putting this together!♥

oh gosh the moment i heard curious village AH my heart ;;; this mix is great and so is your taste in games i love you thank you for making this

This is actually extremely nice, well done.

(Also... the Ace Attorney saga, DanganRonpa, Ghost Trick, the 999 series and Animal Crossing? You have the best tastes in videogames ever, let me tell you.)

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! this must be the kindest thing anyone ever told me, i truly mean it from the bottom of my heart! thank you soso much, and i'm glad you enjoyed the mix! u////u

Oh gosh this is wonderful!! My chest feels so heavy when listening to Drawn to Life music, so nostalgic and sweet. This is a great mix.

thank you so much, this definitely means a lot to me!! and i do agree with you there; drawn to life is one of the games that still gets me all teary-eyed now and then but it's still an amazing game. i appreciate the comment!!

SHH oh my gosh don't cry!! ghost trick is definitely one of my favourite games so it just had to get its own time to shine on this! thank you so much eee ;///;