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Early Racing Game Delight


Here's just the right music to get you into gear. Feels like racing a shiny convertible down Venice Beach. Enjoy!

11 tracks
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@Supadupont: You're right, it really is more 80s in style. The reason I said 90s is because the sound is a lot like the midi music in early racing games that I played in the early 90s. Prepended "Early" to the title.

Thanks for the tip, will check out Rex The Dog. There's a lot more artists within this style that I don't know about, feel free to drop some more names!

Nice mix : You could have added "Prototype" by Rex the Dog.
One thing though: I think he whle mix is more 80s than 90s.

Thanks! I knew Testarossa was missing from the mix, but didn't have any Kavinsky at hand at the time. The Outrunners have a lot of excellent tunes and remixes, thanks for opening my eyes (ears) to them :)