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omg this is the first playlist I've listened to that has an Eric Nam song I am so happy thank you so much for adding his song here! ALSO, NU'EST?!?!?!j AND YOU USED THAT SONG?!?!?! Keep up the good work (tho I'm still halfway through the playlist, I really like the songs and I know I'll love the rest)

@Jisoo's Idiot :'33333333333 thank u sm i love when people write long replies :'))))) and yES i love including songs or artists that are mostly overlooked in my playlists, to give them at least some kind of recognition :D introduce me to your noona means sm to me its like one of my first kpop songs ever it'll always have a spot in my heart

@xiupng I finished the playlist but I forgot to reply (all-nighter blues and all huhu). I loved that there wasn't a lot of repetitions of artists (it's the rules, yea, but lots of us find ways around it *guilty*). I loved it! Even the songs I wasn't familiar with

@Jisoo's Idiot i think the only artist who repeated itself was snuper, because both the songs were SO GOOD and perfect for the playlist that i had 2 put them both in. it happens a lot to my playlists actually :^D