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What's Done In the Dark


"All we did was live amidst garbage. It took everything just to survive. And the day we learned just how big the world was, it hurt, deeply. Our shitty lives and our shitty selves had no meaning at all. However, there was salvation. We found things we wanted to do. Simple, right? It's really simple, but what gives life meaning are 'hobbies'."


"It's a power equal to that of gods. It seems that whoever gets their hands on it becomes filled with compassion. Would that happen even with a shitty bastard like me? I want to know, just how does it feel?
Just what can you see from that vantage point? Could a piece of trash like me really see the same thing as you?"


A Fanmix for Kenny "the Ripper" Ackerman

Cover Star: ‘Color Television’ by Troy Paiva

21 tracks
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