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Best of 2011 - The kids are all right.

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The Kid's Are Alright is a song by the Who. But it reflects how I feel about Rock and Roll today. People of my generation love to belittle the music of today, comparing the worst of today (Justin Beiber, etc.) with the best of the past (say Hendrix' Little Wing) one is clearly banal while the other is obviously genius. But that doesn't mean that the kids today aren't making music worth hearing, that isn't as meaningful and powerful and well crafted as music of the past. That's what I'm trying to say with this mix. Rock isn't dead, it's just that not a lot of people are paying attention. So I poke fun at my contemporaries by reminding them they are their parents sitting back and shaking their cane at these new fangled bands like the Who (or Joy Formidable, whichever). The kids are definitely alright.