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I will be your knight


A mix for my OC Raine Tybalt.

  • Blinded by Light by Final Fantasy XIII
  • This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars
  • War by Poets of the Fall
  • Glory by Hollywood Undead
  • DragonStarDT by Epic Battle Music
  • Epic Battle Music: A Brave Heart by Paul Cecchetti: Composer
  • Lay Aboard Lads by Assassin's Creed 4 Soundtrack
  • roll20 orchestral ambient Skyrim 09 Tooth And Claw by Music4People
  • Skyrim OST: CD 2: Track 06 by Matthew Barcas
  • Passion (My Sanctuary English Version) by Kingdom Hearts
  • Rakuen by Wolf's Rain
  • Cover) by Leaves from the Vine (From Avatar: The Last Airbender
12 tracks
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