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all black, honey.


this is a lot different than the last playlist i made for you. (oops)

a bunch of songs that make me feel like i'm an invincible bad a girl that nobody messes with. paint your nails black, make your eyeliner sharp as a blade, and go out there and show them what you're made of, because it's pretty killer.

babydoll, you need some rock and roll. XO

ps: mostly female vocalists, but a few aren't, they just give me "all black" vibes ;)
pps: the first track is acting weird so if you encounter any issues PLEASE comment because i want to fix them asap. also i reply to all my comments as soon as i can so feel free to tell me whats on your mind, or what you ate for lunch, it's all good.

part 2:

22 tracks
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