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still all black, honey.


part two of 'all black, honey' which you guys really liked (and i did too) so here's MORE

more songs that make me feel like a bad a girl that nobody messes with. go show 'em what you've got baby girl: put on your warpaint, lace up those combat boots, forget the ones who tell you you can't.

knock 'em dead- they need it.
may your eyeliner always be flawless. xo

super sorry i haven't been replying to comments recently i've been soooooo busy. i'll try to respond to all of you lovelies this upcoming weekend. thank you so much for all of the support!

p.s: there are a few more male vocalists on here :) i also tried to stick with some of the original artists on the first part, but there are quite few new ones on here!

part one here:

19 tracks