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this is not a dream.


my heart is gold and my hands are cold.

welcome to badlands. we Hope you Enjoy your stay... "this is alL that's left. and you can do whatever you want with it. keeP it to yourSelf. Or let it serve aS a warning."

these are the badlands.

dystopian mix inspired by the wonderful blue-haired halsey, and the recent release of badlands (!). this is your journey through the badlands. 1-2 | introduction, 3-6 | realization of the corruption, 7-8 | your decision to rebel- realizing who you are: and what you're a part of, 9-10 | the battle: it's up to you to decide who you're fighting... which side are you really on?, 11-12 | the true test, your final obstacle, 13-14 | the loss: something... or someone, 15-16 | the resolution.

16 tracks