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BROOKLYN BOY: a fanmix for bucky barnes


He clicks his fingers, ladies swoon, he is the hottest dancer in the room — a fanmix for Bucky Barnes && Electro Swing.

A playlist which primarily collects Electro Swing, a musical genre combining swing styles with modern production techniques.

13 tracks
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this is such a good mix and i love it so much! (also it came out three days after my birthday, which is also a plus lmao)

FINALLY a playlist about bucky that isn't super duper sad!! This actually makes me want to dance and smile and that's exactly how i want to picture bucky - happy, so thank you for this!!

@grumpyderek THAT was exactly my thought about this whole playlist. One can imagine it's likely before he's been shipped off to war and enjoyed life for what it is. Enjoyed to go out, have fun and dance whenever he's given the chance :D Thank you very much by the way <3