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RENEGADE: a fanmix for dark captain america


“wolves asleep amidst the trees, bats all aswayin' in the breeze. but one soul lies anxious wide awake, fearing all manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths. birds are silent for the night, cows turned in as daylight dies. but one soul lies anxious wide awake, for the Witcher, brave and bold, paid in coin of gold. he’ll chop and slice you, cut and dice you, eat you up whole, eat. you. whole.”

first track (#1) will be the only one with vocals.

13 tracks
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I am a big fan of score music and find it hard to discover fanmix playlists with instrumental music that I haven't heard before; very well done indeed!!

@SecretlyMsMarvel Thank you very much for your kind comment! I personally feel like score music playlists are the most challenging to create, especially if you want to dedicate it to a character along with titles less known or used but also approaching a specific feeling (more dark and dangerous or probably something more lighthearted, for example.) So your praise definitely means a lot to me :))

@xmagpie You're welcome, and I completely agree. Finding the right tracks to go along with the emotion and image that a character creates in one's head can be hard especially if one is like me and is a perfectionist haha