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The Brief Wondrous Mix of Oscar Wao


Yes another Life of Oscar Wao inspired mix? Some Merengue and salsa? Some Jazzy Hip Hop instrumentals? Nope.

My problem with most Oscar Wao inspired playlists are how inaccurate they are, I understand having old school Latin tracks to represent the historical allusions and times, or when Oscar is in the DR to have some modern Latin music but, Lola his sister was into Gothic New Wave Music and as a result, he was too, he is a misfit anime loving, bleak future dreaming, post-apocalyptic geek in the 80's! of course he was listening to punk, new wave and goth.

From the chapter when he falls in love with the Puerto Rican Goth chick we know he likes Joy Division and Oscar would have loved The Smiths and Cure but, being a futuristic geek he would also love Depeche Mode and New Order.

19 tracks