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i never thought i'd still love you even after all this time. i would have made our lips linger had i known that kiss would be our last.

image: http://dropletons.tumblr.com/post/66642231312/kissing-boyfriend-before-he-goes-to-work-no-big

  • Just One Yesterday (feat Foxes) by Fall Out Boy
    Anything you say can and will be held against you / So only say my name / It will be held against you
  • Built For Sin by Framing Hanley
    When you were mine, was I for you, / Just one cheap thrill just to help you make it / Dammit I hope you didn't fake it
  • Bitches in Tokyo by Stars
    You sympathized with sin / All this sabotage and blame / Well I can take it / Because I want you back
  • Slipping Away by Barcelona
    Wait just a little bit more / I feel you cause your breath is burning holes in my door / You love it when there’s blood on your tongue and you’re ready for war
  • Shattered /MTT Version\ ♥ by Trading Yesterday
    And I've lost who I am, / and I can't understand / Why my heart is so broken, / rejecting your love
  • I Will Wait For You by Elliott Yamin
    So why does your pride make you run and hide? / Are you that afraid of me? / But I know it's a lie what you keep inside / This is not how you want it to be
  • You Do, You Don't by The Friday Night Boys
    Are you gonna try to save yourself? / I bet you're so sick of hearing it / You don't really want this, you don't really want this now
  • Fallout (1080p) by Marianas Trench
    It's easy to say it's for the best / When you want more / While you leave me with less / I know you're fine, but what do I do?
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