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// Dark Out //


Some tracks by:
Black Atlass
FKA Twigs
Kate Boy

☽This my first playlist so it's probably trash but whatever I tried. I think I might edit this into something better.( if your listening to this playlist and you like it please comment something :) Enjoy- Lid ☽

16 tracks
6 comments on // Dark Out //

@fifashton OMG Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to listen my playlist even though it's crap. I do love you:)

@fifashton OMG I can't thank you enough, I just never expected anyone to even listen to my playlist hell even love it. Just question but what's your favorite song off this playlist?

@XskyX sorry i didnt see this till now but either Paris-Black Atlass or Desire by Years and Years because oh my god yes. i remember when i heard their song Real. I was hooked ever since so lol

@fifashton Omg same with me, after real I went to go look for more songs by them. btw I added more songs because your comments have been the best and made me really happy.