Is this playlist safe for work?

this is not my home.


edit] 7/20/15 : to everyone who liked and commented, thank you so much!! it makes me really happy to hear that you like my playlist, and even happier that it has a gold now. (seriously, that's a really big accomplishment for me)

and to those who have yet to hear this playlist, i really hope you enjoy it!!

stay rad, space kids. ☆

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I heard this playlist some years ago and I still really love it! I’m not spacekin but space and stars are a big part of my identity, so I really vibe with this. This playlist also introduced me to the song Infinitesimal which is actually one of my favorite songs now! Thank you for making this lovely playlist!

Dude this is surreal, I'm really close to identifying as spacekin, and my tumblr page title is Stay Rad, like your notes. Nice, nice, this is cool. And good job on the playlist!