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its getting bad again


im to the point where im walking, but my legs feel numb. im looking around, but i cant see. im breathing, but i feel lifeless. and im sorry if this is too deep, Ive gotten to the point where i would give anything to get out of this hell hole, even my life. and for the longest time i couldnt see in color. but the color is slowly coming back. and ive just realized that almost 17 years ago, i was born. and from that point on ive been alive even if i didnt feel it. i am alive. i am healthy. i am safe. and i realize that now. i realize that i will be okay. and i believe the same for you too.

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I turn 20 tomorrow , and I thought I wouldn't live past 16. Thank you for this playlist. I can now listen to the pain and struggle of life , and feel happy to cry again