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A playlist of Yume Nikki remixes, covers, and original compilations. Hope you enjoy!

*Cover art source/credit: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12389882

  • ゆめのあとで from "ゆめにっきコンピレーション" by airtoxin
  • Yume Nikki: Title Screen (Remix) by emefcue
  • NASU (Remix) by Alienworks
  • Working... Please Wait... by ppatricide
  • neon part 2 by -anonn-
  • Poniko's Room by 2hushit
  • Dreamy Acidiary(夢見心地アシッド日記) by Oven Toast Jam
  • FC World (Quazaar Edit) by Kikiyama
  • Grandpa, Tell Us About Block World by ItsRagtime
  • In the TV (Yume Nikki KALIMBA Remix) by user752647517
  • 裏返しドリーミング by Cyclops Herder
  • . by -anonn-
  • MADO by INUGAMI [ 犬神 ]
  • Kiichi【Yume Nikki】 by [☆24EFFECTS☆] Neon Flower
  • Yumix by IsabellaSage
  • White Desert /// skip hop mix ver. 1.1 by Petrol LimiteR
  • Melancholia Due To Loneliness (Barracks Settlement Remix) by Fulminis-ictus
  • Bad Ending by dreamcoats
  • Sky Garden by LeQha
19 tracks
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