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My Life


this is the story of my life.Titles have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope you enjoy this Second Mix of mine.


20 tracks
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2. When I was Born- 1995 (Song: Breathe me- Sia)
3. Molested- 2000 (song: Daddy- Korn)
4. Taken Away- 2002 (Song: Mad World- gary Jules)
5. Protecting My Sister- 2002 (Song: Afraid- Sarah Fimm)
6. New Family- 2003 (Song: Home- 3 Days Grace)
7. Being Abused- 2003-2012 (song: Sick- Flyleaf)
8. Cutting- 2010 (Song: Cut- Plumb)
9. Vlad's Possession- 2011 (song: Haunted- Evenescence)
10. Suicide Attempt- 2012 (Song: Everything Burns- Anastacia)
11. Asylum- 2011-2012 (song: Psycho- Puddle of Mudd)
12. meds and Other Factors- All my Life (song: Hate Me- Blue October)
13. Seperated From the Family I've known- 2012 (song: Only Human- Human League)
14. With my REAL Parents (new Dad)- 2012 (Song: Blurry- Puddle of Mudd)
15. Trying to Stop Cutting- 2012 (Song: Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park)
16. New Place, No Friends, Just Alone- Lifelong (Song: Hello Walls- Krizz kaliko)
17. Finding Solace- 2011-2012 (Song: I got To Sleep- Sia)
18. Letting go Of The Past - 2012 (Song: Hurt- Johnny Cash)
19. Sister Tells me She Disowns Me- 2012 (Song: Gone Forever- 3 Days Grace)
20. Saying Good- Bye- 2012 (Song: The Kill- 30 seconds to Mars)
21. Hello World- 2012 (Song: Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift)