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||all the things yellow diamond said||


and there goes the alarm ringin' in my head
like somebody said, "don't you trust your diamonds?"
there goes the alarm,
i saw it comin', i let it go
my lover will tell me, "i told you so."

well, i went today,
maybe i will go again
tomorrow, yeah, yeah
well, the music there
well it was hauntingly familiar
when i see you doin'
what i try to do for me
with their words of a poet
and a voice from a choir,
and a melody
nothin' else mattered

what have we become?
we thought we chose this design
this is a different kind of war,
and it’s where we draw the line
we will rebel and compel,
'cause we’re not toy soldiers
we aim to kill and destroy,
and take no prisoners

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