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† Youth †


Track List: https://goo.gl/4u9sAV

"Aɴd ιғ yoυ're ѕтιll вleedιɴɢ, yoυ're тнe lυcĸy oɴeѕ, cαυѕe мoѕт oғ oυr ғeelιɴɢѕ, тнey αre deαd αɴd тнey αre ɢoɴe. We're ѕeттιɴɢ ғιre тo oυr ιɴѕιdeѕ ғor ғυɴ. Collecтιɴɢ pιcтυreѕ ғroм α ғlood тнαт wrecĸed oυr нoмe. Iт wαѕ α ғlood тнαт wrecĸed тнιѕ нoмe..."

Just to sort out any possible confusion as to why this is labelled under "Until Dawn," it's just simply because I'm currently writing an Until Dawn story, and this is a collection of songs that suit the emotions and situations that my main character is subjected to. If anyone is interested in reading, I'll be posting the full story on my Quotev one day whenever I finish it, which odds are, will be a while from now unfortunately. :/

Here's a link to my Quotev: http://www.quotev.com/XHaunted13X

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