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9/10?? of my Musical!Gravity Falls Series

I tried not to put the whole PotO album in here, but there is still a lot of it ^^;
I also tried to go for villain songs, but it didnt work out so there are a lot of normal love songs that have vaguely creepy lyrics
{EDIT} I added a song, sorry

{Art} http://palolabg.tumblr.com/post/101444073892/phantom-of-the-opera-au-billdip (Palolabg is a god among men for making this pic)

25 tracks
3 comments on Dangerous Game

@Calloniel are you kidding!!?? Dangrous Game is THEIR SONG its like the most BillDip song to ever exsist ever!! I'm really glad you liked it :DD

@xxsweetgrassxx SO TRUE. I actually began a Jekyll and Hyde au for GF called Lurking Shadows where Bill was Hyde and Dipper was Jekyll, finding this was awesome.

@Calloniel YO that sounds so cool!! I'll be sure to check it out! :D its on Ao3? and I'm glad you really like this~~ maybe you can listen to it when your stumped from writers block :P

Omg I was thinking the other day how "All I Care About" would fit Stan I never even thought of Bill even though they literally sing his name. I laughed really hard when it started.

@CloversAndCrossBones I'm gonna be totally honest with you, i only added that song cause the playlist was really short ^^; like if you /think/ about it, the song /can/ work cause both bill ad stan are sleezy and i CANT see bill willingly loving someone (like he might end up loving them but is /is/ a demon and v selfish) -shrug emoji-

@ravenfowl OH MY GOSH THANKS!!! There are a few PotO fics and fan art of these two and it KILLS ME it works SO WELL :DD Thanks for listening!