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Dead Boy Walking


{Part 1/? of my Batfamily Musical series}
Whelp, i made a Jason Todd!Musical playlist
I tried to do it in order from him becoming robin to the loveable nerd we all know in Red Hood and the Outlaws
Please feel free to comment if you have a song suggestion, and if i like it ill totally add it C:

{Art} http://youareunbearable.tumblr.com/post/120999683345/im-making-a-jason-todd-musical-playlist-and-i
{Track List} http://youareunbearable.tumblr.com/post/121069530105/dead-boy-walking-by-xxsweetgrassxx-a-jason-tood

28 tracks
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@asinnamonroll oh my gosh thanks so much!! tbh i didnt think ppl really liked it, like musicals and the Batfandom dont really go hand in hand (like holy musical B@atman isnt that popular :C) but im really glad you enjoyed it!!! <33