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Peacock Princess


Part 3/10?? of the Musical!Gravity Falls

Ive been dying to make this playlist since the new episode! ive tried to capture the character development she went through in this playlist, idk if it worked very well though

ive realized that most of these playlists have a theme, and Pacifica's totally orbiting around Aladdin and The Heathers
{EDIT} ive added songs just to give an fyi

Art: http://azeher.tumblr.com/post/112217246488

20 tracks
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wow WOW! There are so many musicals in this that I LOVE and Starkid?? whoa. Going to listen to the rest of your GF musical stuff now!!

@CloversAndCrossBones LOL Everyone likes starkid xDD and im so happy you liked it!! But beware, there are a LOT of GF Musical stuff :P Ive also made some musical playlists for Steven Universe and Batman too if you want to check them out :P (even if your not in the fandoms there are different musicals i used only for them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)