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Something That Wasn't There Before


part 8/10?? for my Musical!Gravity Falls
-drops this here to appease the hoard of Dipifica shippers that listened to my Pacifica playlist-

If you have any songs that you want added just comment :)

Art: http://oneminutetilblazin.tumblr.com/post/111546608021/after-the-last-episode-i-finally-felt-i-could-come

22 tracks
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This is just too great and I haven't even finished yet. You're right, they'd totally have a BatB thing going on, but I think as far as individual songs go, Chip on My Shoulder is the most perfect song here so far. I can't stand it, this recently became my current main otp and here's an awesome playlist for them full of my sorta music!

@wishing (it cut everything out so im reposting again) Wow I'm so glad you liked it!! Ikr? like all I want for this pairing is a BatB fic or art or something, it would be so cute ;A; and i totally just added those songs like a few hours before you commented too ^^; and silkywishes rec'd the song anyway so totally thank them instead~

@xxsweetgrassxx Yessss, I want that fic. Maybe I'll write that fic or something, y'know, thematically similar. I'm writing a collection of Dipifica short pieces for Camp NaNo, and you might have just given me my first solid idea! Which is great, Camp starts tomorrow. |D But sorry for going on a tangent! I just wanted to let you know I've listened to this twice today.

@wishing Wow I'd LOVE to read it if you write the BatB fic!! and id totally read the drabbles after you come back from camp if you want! :D I'm really really happy you like this playlist!! like wow i never thought my stuff would be something someone listens to more than once ^^;

@xxsweetgrassxx Ah! It's actually this: http://campnanowrimo.org/ I'm a giant goofball who makes too many assumptions. But at any rate, yeah, I'd like if you wanted to read them once Camp is over! And it's a great playlist, it really is.

@wishing Oh man thats so cool! ive never heard about this before, is it really popular amongst writers? and ill totally read them C: im sure theyd be amazing!

ahhh, this is such a great mix! i love all of these mixes in general; i just listened to the entire heathers soundtrack because i loved the songs from it i was hearing in your mixes. also, may i suggest "take it like a man" from legally blonde for this mix? it was the first song i thought of when i saw dipifica/musicals. or really any of the love songs in that show, haha.

@silkywishes ahhhhhhh thanks so much!! The heathers soundtrack is /literally/ one of my fav soundtracks -clutches chest- andimsohappyyoulistenedtoitbecauseofme :') Acutally, ive never actually gotten around to listening to the legally blonde soundtrack, ive only heard blood in the water and gay or european ^^; I'll totally listen to it (and probably add it tbh) anyway thanks so much for the rec AND liking the playlist!! <3

@silkywishes @CloversAndCrossBones HAHAHA bro its ok!! And omg that whole soundtrack would make great dipifica fics! god have you seen the musical? i watched it after silkywishes recommended the songs A+++ and TOTALLY Dipifica

@xxsweetgrassxx I'll add it to my list of musicals to watch..which seems to have grown since I followed you, hmm. Yeah I always meant to watch Legally Blonde. All my friends were in choir but me and they watched it on a field trip or something. So I know the words to some of the songs from hanging with them but don't know the plot lol.