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When You Wish Upon a Star


Part 7/10?? for my Musical! Gravity falls series

WOW OK so that ep was amazing!! This playlist is manly focused around the new ep, and the idea that Stanley sacrificed himself for something idk yet (maybe closing the portal and making sure the end of the world didnt happen idk)

!!!!!! Please don take this playlist seriously, half of it is joke songs and the other is my dreams for Stanley

Art: http://foolishcaptainkia.tumblr.com/post/113240947885/i-had-to

17 tracks
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Agggghhhh amazing. all of them. can you make just a final ending gravity falls playlist?? maybe about everyone together and everything that happened

@Marvoliarty UGH ok so 8tracks likes to delete my comments so idk if you got the whole thing or not?? But "I'm gonna be real, i havent /actually/ seen the last few eps so i dont really know how it ends?? but when i do get around to finishing the series ill totally keep this request in mind and totally see what i can do about it :))))

Yes it does, I think it will be really cool if you do other fandoms, although I never read/seen the hobbit, your choice of songs are really good and I'll probably listen to it anyways, lol.

@walkingwithspiders13 Hahaha, thanks! Glad i could help :) idk what other fandoms ill do (hobbit, marvel, maybe teen wolf idk) but i'm REALLY glad you like my work enough to listen to playlists even if you dont like the fandom!! <3 Thanks so much!!

@walkingwithspiders13 Im afraid im gonna need a little more clarification, but the answer is probably gonna be yes. I have the 8 gravity falls mixes rn, im thinking of making a billdip one then im gonna take a break unless i get a request, then im thinking of branching out into fandoms- maybe starting with the hobbit? dose that answer anything? :)