26 comments on suburban ghosts by yachi hitoka

I have a lot of favorite playlists, but I don't think I've ever heard one that is so aptly named. Exemplary work.

I can't stop listening to this while studying for finals and well, any other time I have been wanting to listen to music. Thank you!

your playlists are all so amazing. such good mood design. i wish there was a messaging feature on here. /// whoever you are, you are a shiny-bright human with a lovely warm soul and amazing musical taste. i hope the world is being kind to you. xo.

@herecomesthefeeling i received this comment on the bus and i almost cried thank you sooo much for the lovely feedback and adorable message!! I put a lot of work into every playlist and it means a lot to me that you appreciate them aaaaa i hope the world is kind to you too have a wonderful day xxx