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patch up & cheer


a mix about imanotsurugi, the sword who killed his
owner on command, was shaken up terribly, yet still
smiles more radiantly than the sun. +BONUS track

the focus lays on yoshitsune's seppuku, his healing,
and the happiness this 1000+ year old child emanates.

art source: https://twitter.com/amanan0718/status/579285587313590273

9 tracks
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I can tell how much effort you put into the playlist, it paid off!! It's very well done!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you for making this!!

@fallingsmoke AAAH i'm so happy you enjoyed it so much! and thank you so much for taking the time to comment about it... imanotsurugi has been my favourite character, maybe of all time, from the moment i obtained him in game, so i really did put my all into my selection of music ; v ; i'm so glad to know you could tell...!