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k-indie/rock - part 1 (upbeat)


bit of upbeat feel-good k-indie and rock for y'all. Part 1 of the k-indie/rock playlist.

I had to split this playlist into 2 parts as the thought of having SO many mixed songs in one playlist overwhelms me. So enjoy this upbeat head bangin' playlist!

10 tracks
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Holy shit! you have such great taste in music! I'm really loving this list! The KOXX are probably one of my most favorite korean bands. I don't often run across very many folks who include them into their mixes - so I was surprised and grateful to hear more of them! Right now I'm on 9 songs out of 10 on this mix - can't wait to listen to part 2. Gonna have to listen to this mix often! :D yakoke (thanks) for creating it! :D