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with each new game.

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@superneutrals here you go! 1. this love is turning into a shoujo manga - gekkan shoujo nozaki kun ost
2. yorimichi shi tekanai? - love live school idol project ost 3. fuyukai na megane zuki - kyoukai no kanata ost 4. with each new game - haikyuu ost 5. osenchi tamako - tamako market ost 6. the silver-haired boy - hunter x hunter (2011) ost 7. goal - haikyuu ost 8. the faces of those who must be protected - kuroko no basket season 2 ost 9. itsumo don'na toki mo, zen'in no tame ni - love live school idol project cost
10. jitensha e no aijou - yowamushi pedal ost
11. hibi no itonami - no.6 ost 12. we are all not alone - bokura wa minna kawaisou ost
13. convenience store - whisper of the heart ost
14. basuke bu - kuroko no basket ost thanks for listening!! I'm glad you enjoyed!! <3

this is a great playlist, thanks for making it!! including goal from the haikyuu!! soundtrack, what a punch to the feels in the middle, haha