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Sufi & Soul

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Easy listening music from Punjab, Pashtun and parts of Pakistan and India mostly a product of the Coke Studio enterprise. Fusion and South Asia Rock also creep in from time to time.

  • Song of the red dervish by Ghazal Shakeri
    Although not coke studio, still beautiful
  • Bibi Sanam Janem by Various Artists
  • Zariya by A.R.Rahman, Ani Chiyong, Farah Siraj
  • Arif Lohar & Meesha by Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty
  • Chori Chori by Various Artists
  • Ramooz by E
  • Zeb, Haniya & Javed Bashir by Chal Diyay
  • Kya Khayaal Hai by Zeb Haniya & Shantanu Moitra
  • Saari Raat by Saari raat
9 tracks