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The Morning Run


I've seen way too many movies that start with a jogging scene. And I've seen enough to be inspired to make a jogging playlist.

This is for all those who want that morning crisp jogging feeling. It's nothing too hard rock but it'll get you going!

I find the order is pretty accurate from warm up to cool down, but that's just me... At any rate, enjoy!!!

Here's the 2nd part to this playlist: http://8tracks.com/yassarcasm/the-morning-run-part-deux

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I like this type of music, but I prefer to run in the afternoon, because that's the hour I have time and I get way of feel happiness.
Thanks for your recomendations, bye,bye SerVic

thank you for making this, unfortunately im way too lazy to make one of my own. i probably will add a few of my own but these tracks are amazing. it's nice to find something that is a bit more chill than the usual 'eye of the tiger' and 'it's my life' that you seem to find on every list. w/e, this comment is long as hell, sorry 'bout that. anyway, thank you!