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The Death of Junko Enoshima


"The remnants aren't like you or me. They aren't fully realized yet. They still have someone that they love above all else: you. You made them love you, and thus, you have become their tether; everything they do, they do for your sake. They're just another set of pawns. Spiritless. Plebeian. Boring."

"You're right." Junko tapped her chin. "They haven't reached their full potential yet. They could still be pushed further. There's only one way to... complete them."

"You've finally figured it out." Kamakura looked into Junko's slate-blue eyes; they were gleaming with anticipation.

"Junko Enoshima must die."

tracklist: https://pastebin.com/LErBhEiq
cover: https://twitter.com/smymji6/status/1183760370806083584

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