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Septiplier, in a Nutshell


(photo by the lovely bristlee1 on tumblr)

my third mix, woohoo. arguably my least terrible (i'm actually sort of pleased with this one). really just a summary of septiplier as a ship - with that in mind, please don't be alarmed by how things get a little depressing towards the end; i can assure you it picks right back up again

i like to tell stories with playlists (& yes i know this only really works the first time you listen to a mix, so that's all the more reason to keep your ears open!): for this, i wanted to go for something that was very true to life (or at least as true to life as you can get with rpf Ha Ha Ha...). this mix features 8 tracks + 1 bonus track. kinda pissed that i have to flag this as nsfw pretty much exclusively for said bonus track, but it's so worth it

well, enjoy

9 tracks