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Jamz for Mal


1 starts da mix off rl nice n slow
2 hunx just kiks erythn up a notch
3 ive been rl into ehm and i thought i'd share
4 jamn to dis in da car, cum on so great
5 bc us in song
6 duh
7 if u steal a bite well get ina fight
8 eatin ice cream at da beach kinda song
9 need sum FIDLAR n dis song is da bob-bom
10 i like n i hope you like
11 bc your birthday
12 i kno u dont lyk em but u cant deny how gud dis is
13 da concert we no go to (still cryn bout it)
14 always gota have these boys n dis is ur fav

14 tracks
2 comments on Jamz for Mal

1 & 2 - ive been hurn dis fo monthz i rl rl rl wunt to hear completeddd
3- lol da start reminded me of sum1 els
5- lol o lol om lol omg lol ya tho, is there any justin timberlake on this?
6- at one point it sounds like he sayin cmon mal
7- cats sittn in kaylees room
8- omg i almost put this song on the cd im sending you
9- duh
10- i was hoping it was this song when it started
11- we need tix
12- they do got some good tunez
13- it was for the best
14- duh