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These are a few of my favorite things

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GREAT PLAYLIST- Very nice as background music while gaming, because it never ends and switches to some lamer, random, playlist.

I love almost every single song on here, barring one or two of the more girly beats. (e.g., Lady Gaga, etc...) And that's pretty incredible considering there are fifty god damned tracks in this list. I've listened to it three times already, no joke. A few of these songs really make me remember all the better times we've shared over the past few years. It's reminding me how much I miss hanging out with you, Chuckles. I would encourage you to please keep the playlists coming, as I am pretty sure that at this point in my life: I simply (perhaps a little subconsciously?) emulate your kick-ass taste in music.

Also, slightly unrelated, I can type "8tracks yellowcake" into my Firefox URL bar and get to a page with all of your playlists. It's pretty damn handy and I've been telling some of my more chill friends that they should listen to your compilations.