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Close Your Eyes


My first ever mix. I was looking for a sleepy mix but i couldnt find one without upbeat songs, so i decided to make one. Hope you like it!

as of 9/27/13
WE HIT CERTIFIED GOLD! Thanks guys! couldn't have done it without you! I LOVE YOOOU!


UPDATED! 08/16/14
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Atlas Hands is one of my all-time favorite songs, i used to listen to it on repeat until i fell asleep. i was delightedly surprised when it came on. great mix!

This is great! So glad to see some Matthew Mayfield here; he's incredible, especially live, and the song from this playlist ("A Banquet for Ghosts") was actually recorded in a graveyard, which I think is incredibly haunting in the coolest way. Thanks for this!

I totally agree with you. It's actually one of my fave songs by him. When I first heard it, I wanted more of the song, but since it's really just that short, i listened to his other songs, and found it incredible. and damn, I didn't know he recorded it in a graveyard :O the song's perfect, and its so mysterious that the length couldnt be more perfect for it.