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One Inch Tall

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Love the mix! Thanks for the inspiration! :D you managed to kill my writer's block ;)

(on an irrelevant note: I am horribly confused by the previous comments... I feel like I'm missing something xD)

Hi, I am happy to hear that! Useful in my life for once. c;
Try reading the comments from the first one (at the bottom), it's confusing because that guy wasn't using the reply button... (although even in the right order I'm not exactly sure this was an eye to eye conversation)
If you feel like chatting, give me a call, I don't have any writer mates.

it's nice to be able to like a wide variety of different genres, it suggests you're open minded and able to appreciate different values. although I DON'T SEE HOW THIS FITS IN THE CONTEXT, I mean god! you say this on purpose! This just changed the meaning of the universe. It's my new favourite thing.