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When I fall


Be with someone who you don’t have to be perfect for; someone who wipes pizza sauce from around your mouth, someone who kisses your make up free cheeks in the morning, someone who squeezes the thighs you hate while driving, someone who listens when you sing even though you can’t sing. Be with someone who accepts you for the you that you are when nobody else is around. - nicotineaddxct

  • 이별맛집 (Feat. 볼빨간 사춘기) by 소심한 오빠들
  • 그저 월요일이니까 by 소심한 오빠들
  • 어떻게 설명할 수 있나요 by 빌리어코스티(Bily Acoustie)
  • Taru (타루) by 여기서 끝내자 (Solo ver.)
  • 한사람 by Lucia
  • 심규선 (Lucia) _ 담담하게 by TK Lee
  • 가을 방학 _ 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어 by TK Lee
  • 너무 보고싶어 (연애의 발견 OST by 어쿠스틱 콜라보 (Acoustic Collabo)
8 tracks
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