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Relax into your work

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Thank you. Before I left my desk, with your playlist, I left off at Let Her Go- Passenger and Sunburn - Ed Sheeran (which your playlist introduced me to for the first time :)), so they were the first songs that I listened to as I came back and started to study for my Art History exam now... Great tracks for studying right now imho.

Holocene (Y). Cheers if you like Holocene. Really enjoying that track off of your playlist right now, on a sunny early morning at me desk. Anyway, it's one of my favourites from Bon Iver's 2011 album. Thanks for sharing.

YesItsMeRobbie, I think you+your playlist may have just gotten me into a Frank Ocean song I had never heard before. Actually, I haven't heard a lot of his music yet and am interested in having heard it so. Thanks!

i go back to this playlist all the time and I gotta say man, you did really good w this playlist! love every track :)