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A year of my favorite artists


This was an on-going project I had on my Tumblr, where I posted a song from my favorite artists (on every day for a year.. Including music by Nouvelle Vague, Bob Dylan, and Cat Power.

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Any chance you could post a link to the song-list? 8tracks isn't so great at letting you come back to a playlist and as this one is so beautifully long it's neigh impossible to make it to the end.

It's absolutely lovely, by the way. Thanks for uploading it.

ugh, i love this playlist but i cant hear it straight thru, didnt 8tracks use to continue where you left off? is that feature gone? :(

Oh thanks.. Yeah it used to, but it seems inconsistent now, since sometimes I have to start a new and other times it begins right where I picked up.. And I see with long mixes like this you don't hear them in their full lenght in one turn..