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drag you to the bottom


i'll chain you the sand and drown you in the pain you've caused for as long as it takes

art by the lovely

annotations and songs mostly from lapis' pov

  • Coeur de Pirate (Trauma) (Patrick Watson Cover) by The Great Espace
    i just wanted to go home
  • BTSTU (edit) by Jai Paul
    i've been prisoner for so long but i'll sacrifice my freedom just to take yours away
  • Blinding by Florence + the Machine
    now you're my prisoner
  • Lividity by Nicole Dollanganger
    we've both done wrong
  • Forget Me Forgotten by Hollow Wood
    but maybe i'll make you good
  • Alternate World by Son Lux
    maybe someday i can tame you
  • Strange Birds Birdy by Noor Dib
    with time we may work
  • Still by Daughter
    with time we could be so much more
8 tracks
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