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my body is a cage


For an unpublished comic i'm working on. Cover art at http://art-and-fury.tumblr.com/post/83767830254
EDIT: The comic is no longer unpublished! It's titled Hate The Sin, and it's being posted on my tumblr, hatethesincomic.tumblr.com , and on my deviantart http://yogapig.deviantart.com/.

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i really still like this! and i haven't heard the acoustic kesha in years!!! thanks for making one of my first favorite playlists and making more than one paper written easier

@aardvark-ballwasher omg i cant believe i haven't responded to this its been mONTHS ur probably not even reading this but thank you so much!!! it makes me really happy to know someone likes this mix enough to listen to it more than once!