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"We bow to each other, Harry," said Voldemort, bending a little, but keeping his snakelike face upturned to Harry. "Come, the niceties will be observed. Dumbledore would like you to show manners. Bow to death, Harry."

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This mix took my breath away...the haunting, dark building up to the very somber ending was a work of art, perfectly suited to the tragic and dark tale of Tom Riddle. You are an artist!! I can't wait to listen to more of your playlists - I believe work will be much better than i'd originally thought! :D May God bless you!

When I came onto this, i expected to be listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack. While I would have loved to do so, i'm quite happy to see that i was wrong. The tone of the music you have on here really does give it that dark feeling you'd expect from Tom Riddle, while keeping it light enough to match the rest of the franchise. Well done finding this.

geography revision makes me want to die but when i revise to this playlist i want to die less ................ so i guess what i'm saying is thanks for the playlist lol