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When Am I Ever Going to Use This!?

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You're going to use it to show a company that you have the ability to focus and finish assignments that aren't incredibly appealing, doing a good job even if something is boring, or meaningless (which most things you'll be assigned might be) - a talent most companies value, knowing someone will just do something whether it's fun or not.

At least, until you find a way to break off on your own and no longer have to do a good job on boring, horrible assignments from bosses who don't "get it", or else find someone willing to value you for being you, and pay you accordingly.

God, I sound like my mom. I swear, I'm not that far out of college. What do I know? I know nothing. Don't listen to me. I once punched myself in the crotch in 7th grade to make people laugh. That's not the kind of person you want to listen to.

Uh.. I shoulda just said "great mix!" I really love Harlem Shakes and glad to see others into 'em. Best of luck on your tests!